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Brazilian Butt Lift Boston

At our practice in Boston, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is a frequently performed procedure. Shapely buttocks (derriere, gluteos, bumbums) are an important aspect in obtaining a beautiful figure. Although some prefer a more athletic flatter bottom, in today’s modern society we value the full and well-shaped buttocks which help define along with the breasts the desired hourglass curves with a more narrow waist and to bring the body into proportion. The various buttock enhancements seek to increase volume, improve the shape, and add an element of lift to the buttocks. In some instances, buttock enhancement can be used to improve asymmetry, and issues resulting from previous trauma or other circumstances.

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There are three major techniques that we utilize to improve the buttock contour. These include fat grafting, buttock implants, and surgical lifting. Sometimes, liposuction can be employed if there are areas of the buttock contour that are deemed too full. In certain individuals, some of these techniques can be combined to achieve the aesthetic goal. Attention is also paid to the abdomen, hips, and thighs to ensure a natural transition to these body areas and to compliment your curves.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lifts (BBL) are the most popular way of enhancing the volume of the buttock region. In this technique, fat that has been collected via liposuction, is injected into the buttock region enhancing the volume and also shaping to a more pleasing contour. Fat can also be transferred to the hips and thighs in certain individuals to help improve shaping. Fat can be liposuctioned from other body areas- the abdomen and lower back are very common regions and liposuction in these areas help accentuate the buttock region. It should be noted that although fat grafting to the buttocks is called a Brazilian buttock lift, it is not a true surgical lift although can certainly give the appearance of a more lifted bottom by changing the highlights of the shape.

When fat is transferred to the buttock region during a BBL procedure, careful attention during both the procedure and also in the postoperative period is necessary to obtain optimal results. Fat that is injected becomes a fat “graft”, similar to a skin or bone graft. Every tissue in the body requires circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients for metabolism. The tiny collection of fat cells that are injected into the buttocks slowly develop capillary circulation which for several weeks is quite fragile. Care is taken in the post operative weeks to avoid pressure and swelling in the buttocks that could decrease the amount of fat that permanently stays in the buttocks.

Brazilian buttock lifting does have its limitations and concerns. Current safety recommendations limit fat to be transferred to the superficial buttock region which limits the amount of volume that can be safely placed, and we follow strict guidelines as to how the technique should be performed. We do not perform deep injections into the deeper gluteus muscles which could lead to inadvertent injection of fat into the deep veins of the muscles with possible dire consequences.

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Buttock implants

A less common technique for enhancing the buttock prominence as the placement of buttock implants. Buttock implants are made of a soft solid silicone material and implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Typically, buttock implants are placed within the muscles of the buttocks although sometimes they are placed on top of the muscle and under the fat layer. The former approach is usually favored as it is more likely to avoid the ability to feel the edge of the implants. Buttock implants tend to improve prominence in the central buttock region and also increase volume although usually to a lesser extent than BBL. As with all procedures, there are advantages and disadvantages for this approach including the risks and also the challenges of the post-operative period.

Surgical buttock lifting

Unlike Brazilian buttock lifting which tends to increase the volume of the buttocks, true surgical lifting involves elevating the skin and deeper tissues of the buttock. This method may be employed if there is significant sagging of the skin. It does require however excision of skin and underlying tissue in the upper buttock area which does result in a scar. This is not an uncommon procedure in patients with significant weight loss and redundant skin in the buttock region.

During your consultation, we will review your concerns, your anatomy, and all the various alternatives that should be considered. There are pros and cons with all choices we make and it is important to review all of these when seeking to undergo buttock enhancement. It is also wise to set reasonable expectations for yourself and to understand all aspects of the techniques including the risks and postoperative care.

Cost of Brazilian Butt lift in Boston

The cost of the procedure can vary on a number of factors. As an experienced Brazilian Butt lift surgeon in Boston, Dr. Volpe will meet with you in his office to discuss all options and pricing.

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