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Labiaplasty Boston

Large redundant labial skin can sometimes be a source of irritation or discomfort. This can interfere with certain activities including sports, physical mobility, clothing and sex. Sometimes, an individual may just be unsatisfied with the cosmetic appearance. Labiaplasty most commonly refers to the reduction of large inner labial lips (labia minora) or to the correction of asymmetry. It can also refer to the reduction of the outer labial lips (labia majora). This outpatient procedure can be performed with general anesthesia, intravenous sedation or with just local anesthesia.

I prefer a technique of labiaplasty that reduces and tightens the labia minora with a cosmetically hidden scar. This is in contrast to some of the older techniques in which the labia skin was trimmed leaving an unsightly scar. The newer techniques are much more acceptable in both appearance and function and in achieving your desired look.

Occasionally, one may have extra redundant outer lip (labia majora) skin, with or without associated redundant inner lip (labia minora) skin. This outer skin can also be reduced but it does leave a small visible scar which fades with time.

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Another associated procedure is the reduction of the Mons pubis otherwise known as the pubic area. This area can sometimes have excessive fullness or redundant skin. Commonly this is performed with liposuction techniques and sometimes requires extra skin removal.

“Everything went just as it had been described”

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“The pre-operative care was tremendous. I went into the procedure with such a complete understanding of what was going to happen that I was not nervous or apprehensive at all. Everything went just as it had been described.”


LabiaplastyFollowing Labiaplasty there may be some mild swelling and discomfort which usually resolves in about 1 to 2 weeks. One must initially avoid tampons and thong type underwear. Sex may be resumed in approximately five to six weeks. As with many surgeries, complete cosmetic healing may take up to three or four months time.

At our consultation, we will review all aspects of your concerns and options with the upmost discretion and confidentiality. We understand the difficult nature of this subject matter provide comfort, compassion and privacy.

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