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Chin Augmentation

Have you been thinking about getting a chin implant? A stronger chin, whether on a man or a woman, is a sign of confidence and attractiveness. A chin can give balance to the face and provide emphasis to the lips. Profiles can be changed, improving the neck and nose giving one a more youthful appearance. At Volpe Plastic Surgery, we can provide you with amazing results from your chin implant surgery in Boston.

There are a number of techniques for chin enhancement including augmentation with implants, volume enhancement with fillers, liposuction if indicated underneath the chin. Sometimes, we even perform chin reduction surgery for those with abnormally larger chins or to create a more feminine chin.

Chin Implants

Chin implants come in a number of shapes and sizes. At your chin implant consultation in Boston, we will take measurements and discuss your concerns and your goals and review the many alternatives you may have. Different types of implants can enhance the forward projection of your chin, increase the vertical height, or provide for a broader chin. Some types of chin implants can also extend along the jawline to improve definition.

Results can be subtle or emphatic depending on your desires. Some implants can even be used to create a dimple in your chin. Implants sit directly on top of the bone of the mandible and the implants wrap around and usually extend for about 2 inches along the sides of the mandible, feathering out at the sides.

Chin Implant Options

Three different materials are commonly used. Solid but soft and flexible silicone implants are the most popular and fit like a glove on the chin bone. They are made out of a safe silicone polymer and are popular for their ease of placement and feel and do not require drilling into the bone. The key to the successful placement of this type of implant is to create a well-designed snug pocket. Other materials include Gore-Tex and polyethylene implants.

“It was a painless and remarkably fast procedure”

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Written on January 29, 2019

“It was a painless and remarkably fast procedure. Even though I had been told in detail what to expect, I was still amazed by the entire experience.”


Undergoing Chin Augmentation

Your chin augmentation in Boston will be performed at The Boston Center for Ambulatory Surgery in the Vendome complex, or at St Elizabeth’s Medical Center. For most, undergoing chin augmentation requires general anesthesia although it can also be performed at times under local anesthesia.

It is not uncommon to undergo chin augmentation in combination with other facial or body cosmetic surgeries, especially rhinoplasty or facelift surgery. Short incisions are used to place the implant, either in the crease under the chin or inside the lower lip. An incision under the chin is most common and has the lowest risk for complications and fades out quickly.

Chin Implant Recovery

Some swelling and bruising will occur around the surgical site following your chin implant surgery in Boston. For several days either tape or a compression garment is utilized to help minimize swelling. A softer diet is recommended for comfort for several days. Although most swelling goes away in the first two weeks, a small amount may persist for several months although this is usually not noticeable to others. Time to enjoy your new look!

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What Does Chin Implant Boston Cost?

In general, there are several factors that go into the cost of chin augmentation. These include the surgical fee, the cost of the facility where it is performed and also the anesthesia fee if general anesthesia is being utilized. The type of implant also reflects the cost. Prices tend to range from about 4500 to 7000 depending on the facility performed although if the procedure is performed in combination with another surgery, the cost can be significantly lower. Financing options for chin implant surgery in Boston are also available.

Chin Implants Before and After

Take a look at our before and after photos of chin augmentation with implants to get an idea of typical results.

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