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Thigh Lift Boston

Thigh lift, also known as thighplasty or thigh dermatolipectomy is the plastic surgery procedure which removes excess skin and fat from the inner and/or outer thighs to lift and tighten loose, irregularly contoured thighs.

Who is the best candidate?

The skin surrounding the thighs is an often problematic area, particularly susceptible to cellulite and loose hanging skin. Candidates for thighplasty are men and women of a healthy weight, who are looking to contour their thighs for more shapely legs with fewer skin irregularities. It is not uncommon for those with significant weight loss to be good candidates for a thigh lifting procedure.

Thigh-LiftAn outer thigh lift is equivalent to a hip lift and will diminish or eliminate excess skin from the hips and the outer thighs, resulting in a more smooth and contoured physique. An inner thigh lift may be performed as a stand-alone procedure to tighten and lift the skin and tissues along the inner thighs.

I tend to perform two types of inner thigh lifts. If the area of concern is only in the upper inner thigh, a crescent of skin is removed at the top of the thigh. This places the resultant scar hidden along the groin crease. If loose skin extends along the length of the thigh, treatment may involve removing skin to allow tightening in all directions. Part of the scar runs down the inner thigh towards the level of the knee. This is more involved but may be the only answer to very loose skin.

“Dr. Volpe is a perfectionist!”

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Written on July 3, 2019

“Dr. Volpe is a perfectionist!” He immediately made me feel relaxed and confident that he understood exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier with the entire process and, of course, the results!”


Thigh lifts may also involve some liposuction at the time of the lift. If one has significant amount of fat in the thighs, a two stage procedure with liposuction performed first followed several months later with a thigh lift is sometimes recommended.

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