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SculpSure fat reduction system

Dr Volpe and the staff at New England Plastic Surgical Associates offer a unique nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that can help with stubborn areas of fat on the abdomen, flanks (love handles) and other body problem areas. SculpSure laser treatment involves a light-based treatment that targets fat below the skin surface- this treatment takes about 25 minutes and can eliminate up to 24% of underlying fat improving your contour. This is a well tolerated procedure with no down time and with good patient satisfaction. Although not as effective as surgical liposuction, this offers a great alternative to those who are trying to avoid a more invasive procedure.

A good candidate for SculpSure should have reasonable skin tone overlying the area. All skin types can be treated. At your consultation we will review the procedure and other options, and also the expected outcome with your treatment. Results are seen as early as six weeks although it can take up to three months or so to see the final result. Results can be seen with one treatment although additional treatments may be desired to optimize results. SculpSure is not designed as a treatment for obesity. Rather it is a body contouring procedure that can be used to thin a problem area.

During the treatment, applicators are placed over your targeted problem area. Light-based energy is directed through the skin to the target area of fat and the energy treats and injures the deeper fat cells. This allows the body to naturally eliminate these treated fat cells resulting in a slimmer body contour.

The treatment is well tolerated by most and is described as a cooling and warming tingling. A compression spandex type garment may be prescribed following treatment to help reduce the mild initial swelling that is sometimes seen. One usually notices the optimal result in about three months. Treated fat is permanently removed.


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