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We love our children.  It has been said that children are the most remarkable people that we will ever get to know.  But they take their toll.  Pregnancy, with the inherent stretching of the abdominal wall muscles and skin, and the accompanying weight gain from carrying a baby and subsequent weight loss, can leave one with an abdomen that is a far cry from one’s pre-pregnancy appearance.  The abdomen may bulge from stretched muscles. Fullness from collected fat may remain and stretch marks may appear.

And then there are the breasts.  Hormones associated with pregnancy cause breast tissue growth and breast feeding may cause one’s full breasts to persist, until it ends.  After pregnancy some women find themselves with their pre-pregnancy breasts although many will find that their breasts are either larger or smaller, often with loss of fullness at the upper part of the breasts and also with sag.  More than one child?  The issues may compound themselves.

Mommy makeover is a cute name for a more involved undertaking –  meaning combination procedures usually involving the breasts and abdomen.  Each woman’s needs are unique and combination procedures are tailored to the individual.  Breast surgeries may involve breast augmentation, reduction, lifting or lifting with implants.  Abdominal treatments can be comprised of abdominoplasties, mini-abdominoplasties, liposuction or combinations sometimes including buttocks or backs.

The decision to undergo a combination procedure should not be taken lightly.  There are advantages and disadvantages for undergoing two or more procedures, or staging them separately.  Combination procedures have the advantage of avoiding two anesthesias, taking time off from work and in general incur lower costs then two separate procedures.  Disadvantages may include longer recoveries, decreased post-operative mobility, and longer anesthesia times.  You should be in very good health if undergoing a combination procedure, and you should also plan extra help for taking care of your children in those first few postoperative days.

At your consultation I will review the various alternatives appropriate for you with regards to combination surgeries and the various pros and cons.  In our before and after picture section you will find representative example of “mommy makeover” combination procedures

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