Plastic Surgery Testimonials Boston

Here are several testimonials from patients who had cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. A. George Volpe. We feel these unsolicited comments directly reflect how patients are treated by the entire staff at New England Plastic Surgical Associates.

  1. “After interviewing two surgeons, I knew upon leaving your office in that there was no other decision for me. You sat with us and thoroughly explained the procedure in detail. You have what most surgeons take a lifetime to acquire and that is your remarkable people skills. Please never change that. You are highly knowledgeable in your field and your work is untouchable. I see why you are so highly recommended. Thank you for my new body and I am forever grateful.”
  1. “ I would like to express my gratitude again for all that you did for my tummy – it looks great. Even my daughter, my worst critic, gave it a thumbs up. Now I have a new tummy for the beach. You are so patient and worked so diligently to make it come out just right. I appreciate all your kindness! Thank you so much for everything.”
  1. “I find this practice to be not only friendly but most professional. I have the loved the services I have received and will continue to follow the advice of Dr. Volpe.”
  1. “I wanted to thank you again for all you did for me. I feel great, I look great. You are very kind hearted and have the touch to make us feel very safe in our decisions. I’m so glad I met you and I tell everyone about you. I am totally happy with the outcome of the tummy tuck and the eyes. Every day I think of you when I look in the mirror and thank my lucky stars you are so great in what you do. Best wishes…. “
  1. “Dr. Volpe is a perfectionist!” He immediately made me feel relaxed and confident that he understood exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier wth the entire process and, of course, the results!”
  1. “I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the “twins”.
  1. “I know it’s your job but I did want you to know how much I appreciated your talent but only for the surgery but also in your way to have spent with me that helped. You gave me the courage to do surgery I always wanted to do. Thank you so much.”
  1. “I want to thank you very much for all that you’ve done for me. I was hesitant at first about having the operation but your easy-going manner and humor helped make it an easier decision. You explained everything so clearly and made me feel comfortable from our first meeting and on. You have been so nice and caring through the whole process. I hated my stomach and now I don’t. You did a great job! Thank you for fixing me on the inside and outside. I am eternally and internally grateful to you! Thank you always….”
  1. “Dr. Volpe is very professional and thoughtful. He would take time to answer all your questions and tells you his honest opinions on whether the procedure is helpful for you or not.”
  1. “I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you! Your emotional and physical support made this surgery so much it easier than I could have ever hoped. I thank you for your kindness and patience through this procedure. You are truly an exceptional doctor.”
  1. “ I’m so happy with the results and appreciate your patience, talents and kindness. I hope to be a beautiful bride with your help.”
  1. “Thank you for being so gentle forthcoming and always professional and efficient.”
  1. “I already feel better and I look better. You have a way of making people feel good.”
  1. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy I had the surgery and I feel great! You are a wonderful doctor and have a great support staff working for you.”
  1. “Unbelievable service. A fantastic experience overall. I am very happy with the procedure and the outcome.”
  1. “It was a painless and remarkably fast procedure. Even though I had been told in detail what to expect, I was still amazed by the entire experience.”
  1. “The pre-operative care was tremendous. I went into the procedure with such a complete understanding of what was going to happen that I was not nervous or apprehensive at all. Everything went just as it had been described.”
  1. “Everyone was so professional and personal. They didn’t treat me like a customer, they treated my like a member of the family. If I had a question, everyone took the time to make sure I got the answer…and understood the answer.”
  1. “Wonderful. Dr. Volpe was compassionate and courteous. It was obvious from his style that he believes in the procedure and his ability to produce quality results. I recommend him to anyone considering this procedure.”
  1. “What can I say? I feel beautiful. Hooray!”
  1. “The result was even better than I expected! I was ready for a change. I can’t thank Dr. Volpe and his staff enough for the great job they did!”

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