Women with large breasts may earn the envy of their smaller breasted sisters, but often deal with challenges of their own. For many women the excess weight causes back, neck and shoulder pain. Some women experience severe bra strap grooving and skin rashes and have a difficult time finding clothes that fit appropriately. Physical activity can be another common issue for large breasted women as the strain often make it difficult to impossible to exercise comfortably. Through Breast Reduction many women have enjoyed lighter, firmer, smaller breasts and increased comfort and confidence. Through breast reduction surgery the breasts reduced by removing the excess breast tissue, fat and skin. The amount of the reduction is customized to each patients individual needs and goals.

The procedure technique used for Breast Reduction depends on a number of factors. Some women may find the results they desire simply using liposuction, while others with a more significant reduction in mind may require breast reduction using an anchor or lollipop technique. Not everyone may be an ideal candidate for the procedure. During your consultation with Dr. George Volpe you will discuss your medical history and goals, ask questions and be examined. If you are a good candidate for a Breast Reduction, Dr. Volpe will walk you through your procedure options to find the best procedure plan to make your goals a reality. Ready to start discussing your options? Contact our office today.