One question I am often asked is what is the difference between a mini facelift and a facelift? There is no precise definition of a facelift although there have been hundreds of different monikers applied. The most common definition of a facelift is lifting the lower face and neck. When we perform surgery to elevate the eyebrows we call that a browlift. Eyelid tucks are designed to enhance the eyelids. Facelifts generally target the cheeks, jowls, and loose skin under your chin and neck. Not every facelift is the same and when I evaluate a patient, I am considering which technique and sub techniques are the best to achieve the best natural result. A mini facelift most often describes a facelift that targets only the cheeks and jowls but not the neck. A neck lift is a procedure that targets the neck but not the face. A lot of us benefit from both! One may benefit from a lot of lifting and another may benefit from just mild lifting but if the goal is to improve both the neck and the face it is considered a facelift. During your consultation we would review your concerns and all the possible options.

– Dr Volpe