Are you bothered by the appearance of an unsightly scar? You can address it effectively with scar revision, a type of procedure used to improve the appearance of different types of scars. Scar revision treatments can also address various problems brought about by scars, including functional impairments. Here are some of the most important ways that scar revision can help you.

Address Several Types of Scars

People often get unwanted scars from acne, piercings, skin infections, burns, cleft lip repair surgeries, Cesarean birth, or traumatic injuries. These causes result in different types of scars. The good news is that scar revision can minimize the appearance of a variety of scar types:

  • Keloids – Itchy and painful raised lesions formed from scar tissue
  • Hypertrophic scars – Raised red scars that develop into thick clusters
  • Contractures – Scars that limit movement of the muscles, tendons, and joints in the affected body part
  • Discolored scars – Wide scars that look different from your natural skin tone

Cosmetic Improvement

Often, a scar’s color is different from the patient’s natural skin color, is atypically shaped, or the texture is different from the surrounding skin. The scar may also be very prominent or in a very visible location.

The biggest benefit you can get from scar revision is improving the texture, shape, size, and color of the scar, making it less visible. Certain techniques can help the scars blend better with their surrounding skin, improving their cosmetic appearance.

Improved Comfort

Some scars cause discomfort and pain, especially when they are too tight or raised. Fortunately, scar revision can lessen that discomfort by relieving the tension from the scar.

Increased Functionality

Scars in certain areas of the body can restrict movement of the muscles or joints, leading to functional impairment. Scar revision can address these contractures by releasing the tight areas and realigning the scar to restore function and improve mobility.

Less-Invasive Options

There are minimally invasive techniques to choose from for your scar revision procedure, but it also depends on what the scar and its characteristics need. We may use steroid injections or laser treatments, leading to faster recovery and shorter downtime.

Customized Treatment

There are several ways to address scars. They can be removed and redone using plastic surgery to form a thinner and less visible scar. They may be redirected to fall along a natural skin fold, or the skin may be moved to change the scar’s location. Other treatments may include laser treatment, steroid injections, or scar massage.

Scar revision is customized to what you and your scar need. The scar’s color, texture, location, size, shape, and medical history will be considered. Your options will be discussed with you during your consultation.

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