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Plastic Surgery News Boston

Nose Surgery Boston

Nose Surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that was performed to improve the appearance or function of the nose. The Nose Surgery is performed to fix a number of cosmetic issues such as a disproportionate nose size, uneven nostrils, nose tips that are too narrow or to wide, and bumps or indentations in the profile […]

Labiaplasty Boston

Excess, elongated labial skin can cause discomfort in daily life, sports, and sex. Some women are simply self-conscious of the appearance and seek out Labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is typically a reduction of the inner labial lips, but it may also be a reduction of the outer labial lips. Labiaplasty may be a reduction of the labial […]

Breast Reduction Boston

Women with large breasts may earn the envy of their smaller breasted sisters, but often deal with challenges of their own. For many women the excess weight causes back, neck and shoulder pain. Some women experience severe bra strap grooving and skin rashes and have a difficult time finding clothes that fit appropriately. Physical activity […]

Rhinoplasty Boston

Rhinoplasty, or a Nose Surgery, is performed to correct a number of common aesthetic and even functional complaints. The nose can affect our overall facial harmony in a big way–as the central feature of the face, the proportion and shape of the nose can make the other features of the face seem disproportionate or unbalanced. […]

Breast Implants Boston

Breast Implants come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures. Each breast augmentation is customized by implant type (either saline solution filled or silicone gel filled) and implant size, shape, texture, and placement (above or behind the muscle). Incision placement is another decision that is made depending on the type of implant, implant size, […]

Arm Lift Boston

For many women, and some men, the upper arms is just one of those areas of the body they feel they can never conquer. While diet and exercise is certainly a pillar of living a healthy and happy life, it doesn’t solve all aesthetic issues and excess, sagging skin is one of those things. Whether […]

Thigh Lift Boston

Thigh Lift Boston is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess, sagging skin and fat from the inner and/or out thighs to create a smoother, more youthful and toned appearance. Many people struggle with the appearance of their thighs either due to the natural aging process or after a weight loss there may be excess […]

Boston SculpSure

Well summer is coming and it’s time to start thinking about getting in shape for the beach. There are a number of options that we have available for improving one’s tummy and love handles region. These can include more invasive treatments such as the classic tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck, or liposuction. However, if […]

Plastic Surgery 3-D scanning Boston

Wouldn’t you like to look down and see how your breasts are enhanced with your new implants before you even have surgery? Or be able to see the various changes you could make when contemplating nasal shaping surgery? For well over a year we have been using three-dimensional scanning to create computer generated mockups of […]

Facelift Boston

One question I am often asked is what is the difference between a mini facelift and a facelift? There is no precise definition of a facelift although there have been hundreds of different monikers applied. The most common definition of a facelift is lifting the lower face and neck. When we perform surgery to elevate […]

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